@CLAS:H Pre-Event 3rd March

うは 私のイラストだぁ///



Mystery Talk

I love mysterious stories.
Oh and before that, Happy New Year 2013! あけましておめでとう!
Once again we evaded the end of the world w

Back to the topic.

Mystery genre is interesting right?
I'm not as fanatic as the detective-novels fans, but the "detective" concept is certainly appealing to me. This thought might be initiated by the latest Vocaloid series I fell in love with--but no I wouldn't talk about it now. Maybe other times.

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The world needs more of these lovable characters.
At least I need them.
marker-tool I love you please marry me

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let's talk something that's not about the end of summer holiday

So I noticed that I doodled more that actually drawing something decent. All of it ended up in my tumblr, which now somehow ended up as my artblog (and leaving this blog as a normal blog, maybe for important announcement at times).

I doodled... overall only things that caught my interest at the moment. Like Yume Nikki+ fangames or SZS or Ib. Lately Amnesia, KagePro, and FT caught my attention as well. I also doodle things related to my fetishes personal tastes.

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