Work Done (?)

Another one from Cypton Future Media, Inc.; thank you for trusting me with the work!
A simple illustration, but since I don't get used using Photoshop it's a bit tricky. I need to spend more time with the software (haha).

Sneak peek:


**Previous work
**Another works

A bunch of weirdos.

images will become larger when clicked

A.k.a my original characters which I come to love recently.
Based from a dream, two more additional characters are now present.

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Sky High - afterword

Wow I finally finished something. It's an achievement.
What should I post here... the storyboard?

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A Good Sidetrack

I was coming home from a family reunion yesterday. And instead of straightly went home, my family was sidetracked for a while. That said, it was definitely a good sidetrack.

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