Mystery Talk

I love mysterious stories.
Oh and before that, Happy New Year 2013! あけましておめでとう!
Once again we evaded the end of the world w

Back to the topic.

Mystery genre is interesting right?
I'm not as fanatic as the detective-novels fans, but the "detective" concept is certainly appealing to me. This thought might be initiated by the latest Vocaloid series I fell in love with--but no I wouldn't talk about it now. Maybe other times.

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It's over

Summer holiday is over. In one week.

I have few regrets though... that I can't finish my video, gaining weight, and SZS end.
But I'm glad I could draw doodle all out on holiday! I got a new hairstyle (not sure if I like it or not). I also able to visited interesting places when I wasn't coped up in my room.

Pity that 2 and half months passed quickly, but I anticipate few things in the future as well. Like the new semester of college, the continuation of FT (dragged by ships, though), the oncoming projects, and of course my 18th birthday.

But even as a young adult, I'm still far from reliable. I feel sorry for everyone around me. I'll try to fix it... and lessening my stubborn side as well. Not that I want to be one in the first place.

GJUI + Blog Update

I went to GJUI (Gelar Jepang Universitas Indonesia) on Jakarta with Vocapost's members (Vocapost was renting a stand for the VOCALO.ID2 album sale). I enjoy strolling around the ComiFuro and buying Japanese snacks... it was tiring but fun! I met some of my net friends as well ^^
My own VOCALO.ID2 Premium CD~ (illustration by me w)

Blog update:
>few plugins not displayed
>new mini banner (code displayed above)



"Hooray, new friends! More art lessons and techniques! I'm looking for it!"

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♥04・09・2011 お誕生日おめでとうナミさん!