L4D Snipers

With some influence from my classmate, I'm become 'bounded' with Left 4 Dead
But what caught my attention most is "The Passing" campaign on L4D2 game; a special stage where all survivors from L4D and L4D2 meet. This campaign has different vibe compared to the others (just like "The Sacrifice" campaign)

Thus, I get deeply interested with the characters well:
My fave is Ellis and Zoey (and BILL! but he was gone... *sobs*); who apparently has same tastes in weapon choice (usually prefer hunting rifle or sniper rifle as bot) and really cute together, really REALLY cute *pinch Ellis/Zoey cheeks*


I mean, Ellis was even too nervous to talk to her, and his imaginations to marry Zoey... (gosh, too DARN cute)

Zoey herself seems interested in Ellis as well~
Oh Valve, thanks for creating these two so I can ship over them <3


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