Continuing Project☆

Today's is National Holiday, so I had no school until Sunday! Weee~ *do happy dance
but I got a ton of math homeworks from school... what a perfect thing to ruin my precious holidays - _ -

Anyway, suddenly I got inspiration to continuing my project :D
My project is to make a Vocaloid PV!
Caught you off guards, ne?

A screenshot of the PV

it still 10%... far from done OTL
But I'm in the mood of working on it! Wish me luck! XD


wah~ ini lanjutan PV yg kmaren yak?
good luck XD
btw itu gambarnya kaga kepotong diapain *ngepost gambar tpi gambarnya kepotong*

@mii: begitulah XD
sankyuuu~ oh, itu sih diresize aja :3

No title

omg orang indonesia rupanya

No title

@^: lho, memang anda kira orang apa? ^^;

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