Left 4 Miku?

Today, my friend brought his laptop to school. Because we got nothing important to do, then we started to play a game on his laptop.

Uhuh, a typical American horror-survival game where some peoples trapped in an abandoned place full of zombified citizens. With machine guns and other various type of weapon, we must go from a place to another safe place until we find the way out.

Of course, with killing all zombies we met in the process.

The opening scene or something like that.

Okaay, so back to the game. Yes, the game is freaky (I'm only a spectator though, so no big deal), a lot of surprising attack but it still thrilling to watch.
Miku come and save the day?!

Yes, it's really Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid CV 01. Actually, my friend kinda modified the female character appearance so she looks like Miku.
And then?

The game is becoming 100 times more interesting with us playing as Miku XD
Go Miku Go! You can do it! (what a multitalented singer)
and Miku's shoes is glowing in the dark :D


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