Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi


...for the love of Gods; I LOVE this anime!
Actually, I got the DVD about 2 months ago... and I've been watching it since that time. Repeatedly, everyday. And never bored with it (Studio Ghibli never cease to amaze me, even since Totoro ; v ;)

This anime wakes the long forgotten inner-child in me, which always dreams for adventure into the other world.
It's like... I can describe it well; the anime itself is pretty simple. But if you watch it wholeheartedly, it just like feeling a whole new story with a huge wave of nostalgia. Weird, but it makes me feel a little bit sad too. The setting, the music, the characters, they are perfect.
To be short, this anime changes my world.

To not making a fanart from this masterpiece is a shame, so I make it (with all my might, really!)

But it turns out not what I expect to... ah well, I've try D:


No title

spirited away, right?

i remember when i watched it with my sister :) she was crying badly when it ended (not mention that i was trying my best not to cry). it's such really good anime, the best from any Ghibli movies I've watched (so far, I only have watched this, Kiki, Arietty, and Castle in the sky)

btw, what do you think about the ending? did Chihiro really forget about Haku? And maybe you have a reccomandation which ghibli's movie i should watch next? :D

p.s. love your fanart! <3

Re: No title

Yes, it has been a long time since the last time I watched this though.
I always thought that she did forget about him, but I think she would remember it somehow. I just want them to meet again.

Oh I would recommend Howl's Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro. Ponyo is also good!

p.s. thank you <3

No title

true! wish that they could meet again someday. My sister , after crying so badly, she asked me to search fanfiction about them :D (actually before that, she never interested about fanfiction world)

thanks for the recommendation :) maybe i'll watch it with my cousins on idul fitri XDD

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