Hetalia Doodle-y thingy

Himaruya-saan! Why your style is so hard to draw?
(give up)

chibindonesia? a doodly fanart of Chibindonesia? ffff I want to draw her as a male, but ended up sketching loli XDD (anyway, the flower on her hair is White Jasmine)

From right to left:
#1 Meido-Loli Colonialism Era
#2 Traditional Outfit
#3 Post Independence Era
the fox-like animal behind her is "Luwak" (the animal which make "Kopi Luwak"; the most expensive coffee beans in the world)

I always wondering, if Himaruya-san making Indonesia as a nation-tan then she/he will be reaally uke. It's inevitable :D
And also, she/he must be had a strong connection with Holland-san (which is why I made a female, loli OC of Indonesia... so I could pair her up with Holland XD) Though her original design I made up long before I know Hetalia exist; this must be fate~ (blargh)


Bonus: a fanart of Holland-san and Nesia-tan in the past (?)
eaaasy, Holland-san... it's not like she's going to eat you (though it is more possible another way around :D)


No title

eh himaruya-san udah bikin indonesia lho! :D
tp fanmade indo mu lucu! 8>

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