Ahahah, it's a rare occasion to see a cool Gakupo XD (ah, it's my speedpaint actually~ based on "Mata Aetane☆" by numtack05, or PutinP. He snatched the top position of "favorite composer" on my list > <

I love to see Purin (a nickname for Russia!Rin; combined name from "Putin" and "Rin", or something like that) in his works! She's so cute :3
Anyway, talking about PutinP series of songs; have you heard it? Really, it's so beautiful... so funny yet sad. The musics composed beautifully, and it's suited every emotion on the story~ as if it's not enough, shiuka do the illustration for the PVs! omg I love this person's style *go stalking his(?) gallery*

Now waiting for PutinP latest work, "Kokoro ni Koe wo"
ffff "Usotsuki wa Dare?" and "Jamashinaide ne☆" are amazing! I can't stop listening them > <

a WIP of Purin before leaving, maybe finished tomorrow


Ja ne☆


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