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To tell the truth I didn't even play the games that much; only the earliest one on Sega platform and Sonic Adventure DX on my PC (and Sonic Dash S in my phone recently?) so I'm not one to say that I know Sonic inside out. But I guess my passion for the franchise and the characters still going strong for 8 years now. [Long post ahead!]

So far I only know the rest of the most recent games from various walkthrough videos. I guess the one who pulls me back into this series was the Final Rush stage gameplay video on NND. See, I was dormant from anything Sonic-y for at least 6 years and it surprised me that Sonic Adventure 2 even exist. It amazed me how Sonic stage could be that fast (the Final Rush) and that... fun. The fastest stage I ever played maybe just the Speed Highway on SA1.

And then I saw the Sonic Unleashed's Chun-nan day stage and that was the last blow. I'm completely hooked to the series again. The graphic, the speed--oh Dear Chaos that speed--really appeals me and triggered the old flame I ever had for the franchise. I know some people think that Sonic is not all about speed, and I agree. I personally favor the adventuring side of Sonic Adventure where I could wander through the places and discovers every smallest details.

But speed. When I saw the Spagonia day stage (Rooftop Run), what I though of it was "Hey, this is exactly how it'll looks like if Sonic running through a town in real life!" Since running on the busy street is prone to crashing/endangered the pedestrian, running through the rooftop seems like a plausible way to navigate through the town with Sonic's speed. And Chaos knows how fast Sonic is compared to humans, and I found that fact really interesting. It's fun to run through the rooftop, especially if you are as fast as Sonic :)

So yeah, all of the recent 3D Sonic games Sonic Unleashed is my favorite (although I never play it due the lack of consoles, but hey it's interesting enough to make me save some money to buy one!). I found the Storybook Series interesting as well in terms of stories (although I only watched the Black Night one, but I heard the Secret Ring is even better).

I appreciate good story in games, aside from its gameplay of course, and good characterizations. Lost World story seems a bit bland for me, although the characterization is okay and the varied gameplays seems fun. Generations is on the same terms with Lost World imo, but the concept of bringing back Classic Sonic and classic 2D-ish gameplay is quite unique. I don't know much about Colors, but I heard the wisps are incredibly fun! I don't want to talk about StH 2006 due the unbelievable numbers of negative reviews, but the Sonic story ending was quite sad. Sure, I'm not that fond of Princess Elise's character but I think anyone would feel sad if they have to went through a cerebus retcon just to forget anything about a dear friend.

Talking about the 3D games, SEGA recent Sonic games feels too... I don't know, playing on the safe side? The story was kept simple and mediocre. The gameplay was okay though, never been the one who fussed too much about the classic vs. modern one. I know SEGA targeted their games for young child, but then again it won't hurt to make a game that appeals both to the youngsters and adults. Like, to actually experiments on the games without fearing too much of the critics and fans' judgement. It's SEGA and Sonic Teams' games. No matter how much the fans whine or the critics flares, they still hold the rights over Sonic thus have the full control over the games. They should give themselves more credit; the franchise has run for 20 years and still strong, it's something remarkable for a franchise.
(That said, I still don't know what will happen with the latest Sonic Boom. Half of me is excited for it and the other half is scared for it. It's a perfect 50-50.)

Also Chao Gardens. Duuude, the Chao Gardens! The amount of replay was high thanks to Chao Garden. Too bad SEGA didn't make Chao anymore relevant in-games (excluding Omochao ofc).

Well, long post is over. Remember this is only my opinion as a casual Sonic franchises' lover; it's not absolute and to have opinion that contradict mine is definitely okay. I'm just enjoying some bits of Sonic in my life as I did with my any other interests :)

Overall, Sonic makes me a happy person. Good job SEGA & Sonic Team!


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