A bunch of weirdos.

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A.k.a my original characters which I come to love recently.
Based from a dream, two more additional characters are now present.

Here's a very simple guide of how their relationships work.


And a more detailed table of how they think of each other.
After leaving them nameless for a while, I think it's better for me to reveal their names (not that I really want to keep it secret anyway).


I try too keep the information very basic so I could explain them without spoiling too much of the story. I think this is enough.

The next thing is how I tell their story, though.


No title

have you made the story yet? the characters are so interesting!

and budiyanto... i bet he's indonesian! :))

could you give me a little summary about the story?

Re: No title

I have, the overall plot actually. But I'm afraid I can't tell you anything yet.
Yes, he is Indonesian.

No title

Seeing this on pixiv while looking around for School Girl Detective series.

First thought: "Hey, this person does English very well."
Second thought: "Whoa, that man wears batik."
Third thought: "Loh orang Indonesia toh. Namanya Kuroha Ai, kayanya familiar..."

Re: No title

And so you ended up here.
Someone who is non-Japanese who is interested in Jogakusei Tantei Series well this is rare.

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