Sky High - afterword

Wow I finally finished something. It's an achievement.
What should I post here... the storyboard?

What storyboard?

No storyboard for this one.

Unlike my previous and next work, this one was completely done on impulses and instict. A really bad planning I know, but I've done it anyway. And it was better for this game to be unplanned.

It's the abstract thing that shapes its beauty, isn't it.

Speaking of abstracts... I don't know what to feel about the announcement on as well. I feel like rather than light novel/webcomic, I'd welcome a guide book like LSD: Dream Emulator instead.

I mean, the fans know the game as it is now. It's like the creator would shoot down all the fan theories, or at least narrowed it down. It's a bit sad.
But since I haven't read any of them, I can't judge.
Maybe I'll like it, who know?
All I know is that Yume Nikki got a special place in my heart.


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Thank you for your thought.
I'd like to reply but I also respected your privacy. If you somehow want to know about my thought, you could send me an address to reply in private.

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No, it's okay. I don't even know why did I check the Private comment box. Silly me

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Ai-san, have you read the Yume Nikki manga? What do you think about it?

Re: No title

I have, and I think it's going pretty well so far. I like the details of the areas.
A bit surprised at how talkative Madotsuki on the manga, but I think there's no other way to explain the story. Still don't know how the mangaka would address other NPCs or their interactions with Madotsuki, though. I think the mangaka tried to be as neutral as possible.

Tl;dr, it's pretty acceptable. How about you?

No title

The second chapter is already out, and I feel like it's gonna be really painful to take.
In the manga, it is stated that Madotsuki can't go out, she was trapped in her room (while in the popular opinion of the game, Madotsuki is a shut-in, so she don't want to go out).
So the storyline in the manga will go like this :
Madotsuki trapped in her room > she tried her best to collect the effects in her nightmarish dream to get out from her room > after collecting all the effects, she is still trapped inside her room, and there is only one way out... which is... you know what.

(But there's always a possibility that her dream world could be a dream inside a dream, so... umm...)

Anyway, I like the atmosphere in the manga so far, but I found Madotsuki being talkative is really weird, especially that even in the manga she doesn't have a mouth. (Or maybe, she's not talking at all? Considering that it's a dream, her mind is automatically vocalized)

Re: No title

Thank you for the comment! I was rushing to read it as soon as I read your message.
I'm fine, surprisingly, with the story progression. But to be driven to suicide just because she want to go out from her room is a bit... well. (Assuming it's only a dream within a dream maybe she wouldn't die?)

Vocalized thought... I guess it is? There's no one else speaking anyway.
I'm rather curious with the frog effect which instantly turned into egg when Madotsuki's back to the doors area? Will the same thing happened to the rest of the effects? Because certain area need certain effect that couldn't be found there, so having them instantly turned into egg will make some effects inaccessible. And here we have the bicycle effect.

Unless the mangaka having her own way, like using those portals that will lead into different area without the need to go back to the nexus. Well, that's would be complicated though.

I'm kind of looking forward for the next chapter, which is a good thing.

It's me again!

Hello Ai-san! Sorry to bother you,
and as always, I'm wondering about the your opinion on the latest chapter of Yume Nikki manga!

Re: It's me again!

Hello again Arika-san! This time I managed to read the latest chapter before reading your message, which is a first!

The new chapter... I think my previous thought of how the mangaka would carry on with the plot is somewhat true. Madotsuki is using portals (or "doors that don't look like doors") to travel through the areas. Really interesting!

So far she got the frog, hat and scarf, umbrella, and stoplight already. That's quite fast. Am I the only one that bothered with Shitai-san appearance? He seems like... an ordinary corpse.

And the messages that keep coming from Madotsuki's diary, I'm really curious. Maybe it's by the same person who locked her? Or is she subconsciously locked herself? If the dream within dream theory is true then this may happened to prevent her exploring beyond her room (and her dream, of course).

Let me know what you think!

Yeah, I am also bothered with Shitai-san appearance. Madotsuki doesn't seem to recognize him, so perhaps for other characters like Monoko, Monoe and also sensei, she wouldn't be able to recognize them as well (which is of course, breaking all the wild mass guesses!)

It's a pretty common knowledge, but in case Ai-san hasn't heard it yet, it is said that the people who appears in your dreams are the people you have met IRL before. So, who is this green corpse and why Madotsuki thinks of him as a corpse? It seems the writer doesn't want to bother explaining though.

And, the messages. I think it's impossible if there's any perpetrator behind it because it's impossible if the culprit entered her room while she's asleep. Perhaps, like Ai-san said, she subconsciously locked herself. For what? IDK
Perhaps she did something horrible or there is something horrible outside, but she has amnesia, but her subconsciousness knows and doesn't let her explore the outside world.

So far it's still as random as the game. I can't wait for the next chapter as well!

Re: No title

When I rethink about it, maybe it's just as I've said before. The mangaka is trying to be as neutral as possible, that way the WMGs wouldn't be too harmed. And maybe kikiyama still gave the fans to interpret them on their own? The story is still very much abstract even in manga form anyway.

The corpse might not be a literal corpse; maybe he's just someone Madotsuki thought as dead in her mind? Interpreting dream was never easy and I like it to stay that way.

Yes, me too! I'm somewhat happy with this adaptation now.

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