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I love mysterious stories.
Oh and before that, Happy New Year 2013! あけましておめでとう!
Once again we evaded the end of the world w

Back to the topic.

Mystery genre is interesting right?
I'm not as fanatic as the detective-novels fans, but the "detective" concept is certainly appealing to me. This thought might be initiated by the latest Vocaloid series I fell in love with--but no I wouldn't talk about it now. Maybe other times.

Ahh, I might be fond of mysteries but I'm not good at writing one. It's just, my brain would suddenly clogged and refused to work. My logical capabilities is on disarray ever since I graduated from high school www

Maybe, rather than creating a full-fledged mystery story I'd put mystery as a secondary element. Like lampshaded things or information withheld, I think this is normal? And then I'll put twist here and there... things like these might will make my story different, but there's possibility that reader wouldn't get it.

Aa~ah, this is difficult.


My characters are definitely radiating the "unapproachable" air, aren't they? They're designed to be "mysterious" even if they're supposed to be sociable, how troublesome. Why would I create such contradictive characters in the first place...

I hope this year I'll get more motivations to develop the plot of my original stories. Seeing wonderful person and their outstanding creations make me want to create something amazing as well. The road is still long but I'll try to walk it down slowly.

I hope I'll get more free time as well.


No title

ai-san, sorry this is not related to this post at all, but I saw this on pixiv

Which is more likely a plagiarism to your Witch's House fanart. I don't really understand about the term plagiarism, art theft or something, but I think I have to tell you about this

Re: No title

Thanks for the notification Arika-san!
Yes, I believe that count as plagiarism. But maybe the uploader didn't notice that yet... seeing his/her age is 12.

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