pencil rkgk dump + gdgd (tl;dr)

I've been really busy with college nowadays, sorry for the lack of updates (not like anyone expecting something anyway...)
Because the lack of free time, instead of doing digital arts I switched to doodling. It feels good to back to the good old time though--doodling traditionally with actual pencil.

Don't judge me; I'm going to the Art School anyway, so doodling during classes is okay :p (as long I still taking notes w)

Eh, so I must admit that I went overboard with Yume Nikki and its fangames. Especially Yume 2kki, for this time. Thanks to PSK and Suzuen.

The source of my current attachment is this guy:
師匠!^ q ^

As a common Nikki games fan, creating theories of the characters is inevitable. I wonder if the creator even care to make each characters' backstories... Well, save it for the fans! :D

It seems like my imagination ran too wild... me myself don't know how the f--- I came up with the Boss/Secretary relationship. I seriously thought how this guy deserved the "Shisou" aka "Master" title for Uro. IRL, I mean. And something tied with the backslash + flash step metaphor.

First, my feeling told me that Uro has to be at least 18 (motorcycle license anyone?) As for the job... I'd rather call it "apprenticeship" since at that age such people hardly got that important position. And a secretary? I think it's just me and megane thing lol

Maybe this guy with kitsune mask was nice enough to take Uro as his apprentice? Or he's some kind of her guardian? How did they meet in the first place?

What's with him being ambiguously evil person, as described in Uro's dream? He won't attack if not provoked--just like another chaser, but that only applied if Uro try to chainsaw him in the Baddies Bar. Maybe he's the type of person that will attack if Uro doing a mistake in public? To maintain his prideful image as her master, or just secretly teach Urotsuki not to act careless? Was his act has something to do with Uro's constant lucid dreaming?

Whatever the case, I still adore to their neutral-but-mutual relationship. Romantic or not.

Now talking about Nikki games heroine...
I always thought that there's something about Usotsuki than her hairstyle (ooh yes, I love that kind of hairstyle). Her weapon of choice reminds me of the old-school delinquents and the atmosphere of the game is generally darker that its original. Not the .flow type of gore-y dark, it's more... how do you say, sinister?

And that's not all.

The lack of ending make this game even more unsettling. I know that it depend of the creator and the game's update, but to this point this game gave the "being left out" feeling. Not because the creator, but Usotsuki.

Why are you still dreaming Usotsuki?
What are you looking for in your dream?

Why are you locked in your own room?

Yes, locked.
I realize that while the other heroine will shook their head--sometimes even with audible refusals--when interacted with their room door, in Yume Nisshi Usotsuki didn't do anything. A sound of door being banged could be heard instead, which means one thing: Usotsuki is locked from the outside. For what purpose? I don't know.
Maybe something to do with her lies?

Or maybe I just reading too much into it...

Well enough with the game rant, let me share more doodles.

^ Howl, Sophie, and Morgan. Novel wise. Too band I can't draw Twinkle wwwww

And all of the doodles, I only colored one:
That's Bee-yan for you! PIGIIIII----



What doe RKGK means???
btw, nice art!

Re: RKGK...

it means "doodles"
thank you ^^

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