I can't believe I wrote nothing for the entire 2016. And now it's almost 2017!
I guess keeping a written blog is not my forte... or maybe tumblr keeps me busy. But I still need this blog for long (mundane) things I can't post on tumblr.

Getting a job keeps me busy, even to draw regularly as I usually would. My health's deteriorate too, so time and energy really is a luxury for the current me. But I've been able to find some time between my business to maintain my passion, so all's fine I guess. Although tiring, I've grown to love my current routine.

I want to thanks Undertale, Lockwood & Co., and Mob Psycho 100 to make this year memorable. I learned a lot of precious life lessons I couldn't find elsewhere. Kind of ironic that I find more valuable lesson to live the reality from fictions, but I'm grateful I get to learn at all.

Other thing that I'm really grateful of is for the fact that I met the nicest people (and my beloved) this year. Without them I couldn't strive until this point. I'm so blessed.

One thing though, I think I will maintain a routine of drawing comic. Fancomic, comic strip, anything. I want to be committed with this field and hone my skill further. Glad to know I haven't given up on my childhood dream just yet.

Hope 2017 will be better!