Gute Nacht

So sleepy...
a 15 minutes doodle before I go to sleep tonight

Rihi-chan looks good on her onii-sama's pajamas<3



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Paradichlorobenzene: Tutorial!

I made a simple tutorial of the picture above~
for you who interested could download it here (because the file resolution is too long to be submitted here ; w ;)

Ahh, and maybe I will off from some times; my school started tomorrow (dammit)

Hetalia Doodle-y thingy

Himaruya-saan! Why your style is so hard to draw?
(give up)


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Okay, this anime getting rubbed into me lately (as well as K-ON! season 2)
I can't enough of this anime... the manga is nice too.
I love Su-san (Sweden) and Switzerland already~ though there's a lot hint of shounen-ai; I take is as joke... but still give me goosebumps though.

Favorite pairing? Mostly (and MUSTLY, if that's count as word) hetero pairing.
Vash(Swiss)xLili(Liecht) is my OTP!
aside from it: Roderich(Austria)xElizaveta(Hungary), Kiku(Japan)xTaiwan, or maybe Ivan(Russia)xNatalia(Belarus)? (a lot of 'kolkolkol' and 'kekkonkekkonkekkon' is funny w)

Now now, I'm done with the first season! I'll catch up the 2nd now.
bonus: VashxLili doodle? (sorta)

oh yeah, Hidekaz-san style is hard to draw :9