I can't believe I wrote nothing for the entire 2016. And now it's almost 2017!
I guess keeping a written blog is not my forte... or maybe tumblr keeps me busy. But I still need this blog for long (mundane) things I can't post on tumblr.

Getting a job keeps me busy, even to draw regularly as I usually would. My health's deteriorate too, so time and energy really is a luxury for the current me. But I've been able to find some time between my business to maintain my passion, so all's fine I guess. Although tiring, I've grown to love my current routine.

I want to thanks Undertale, Lockwood & Co., and Mob Psycho 100 to make this year memorable. I learned a lot of precious life lessons I couldn't find elsewhere. Kind of ironic that I find more valuable lesson to live the reality from fictions, but I'm grateful I get to learn at all.

Other thing that I'm really grateful of is for the fact that I met the nicest people (and my beloved) this year. Without them I couldn't strive until this point. I'm so blessed.

One thing though, I think I will maintain a routine of drawing comic. Fancomic, comic strip, anything. I want to be committed with this field and hone my skill further. Glad to know I haven't given up on my childhood dream just yet.

Hope 2017 will be better!



My current ambition is concerning those two above, but it's only for a short term. I always want to give my best to things that I really wanted to do. Rather than ambition, maybe the term "passion" is more correct.

As for anything else in life, I don't consider myself ambitious. I would rather live a peaceful life than going through all the difficulty of ambitious lifestyle... but that's just me. But people need to face some difficulties to "level up" in life, and usually ambition come with all sort of troubles. Is aiming for a peaceful life can also be considered as ambition?

I still want to make a comic, though. Yes. Call it an ambition.

In any case, the lack of ambition in my life generally doesn't bother me. If there's people that choose to be ambitious, then it's perfectly normal that there's people that choose not to be ambitious. I guess.

Let's talk about...


To tell the truth I didn't even play the games that much; only the earliest one on Sega platform and Sonic Adventure DX on my PC (and Sonic Dash S in my phone recently?) so I'm not one to say that I know Sonic inside out. But I guess my passion for the franchise and the characters still going strong for 8 years now. [Long post ahead!]

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Sky High - afterword

Wow I finally finished something. It's an achievement.
What should I post here... the storyboard?

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A Good Sidetrack

I was coming home from a family reunion yesterday. And instead of straightly went home, my family was sidetracked for a while. That said, it was definitely a good sidetrack.

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